100% natural

Flaxbox flax straw is grown in an environmentally friendly way with a minimum of sprays and no irrigation. 

Great convenience

Flax straw is soft and stays dry. Its ammonia-binding properties reduce unpleasant odours and the number of flies in the stables. 

350% absorption

Flax straw absorbs up to 350% of its own weight (UGent study), many more times than ordinary straw, wood shavings, etc.

Easy to store

With its handy, strong packaging, Flaxbox flax straw is easy to store.

Composts quickly

Flax straw is 100% biodegradable and so composts very quickly.

No soil acidification

With its neutral pH value, flax straw-based manure does not acidify the soil. 

Fast deliveries in the quantity you want

Flaxbox always offers you the best and fastest solution, regardless of the quantity you want or the delivery location. 

100% dust-free

Flaxbox flax straw has the dust extracted from it twice, making it ideal for horses with respiratory tract problems.

What is flax straw?

A flax stem is made up of a woody hollow part, called the shore or boom, which has the flax fibre around it. When processing the flax stems, the two products are separated and processed separately. Dust is removed from the shore and all impurities separated out (seed, grit, sand, etc.) so that the highly pure shore can be packaged in various sizes. 
Flax straw is the ideal, dust-free stable bedding with a high level of absorbency. It also biodegrades very quickly.

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About us

Vlasbedrijf Verhalle NV is a family-owned company in which three generations of the Verhalle family share their common passion for growing and processing flax.
Each year, our flax company grows textile flax in loam soils around Tongeren in Belgium and on the banks of the River Somme in France. After harvesting, the flax is processed at the company premises in Zulte. We also take care of transport ourselves. There are various ways of doing this for the different types (from open transport, bulk transport and container transport to exceptional loads with a maximum width of 3.50 metres). Our company also specialises in packaging flax straw in packs of 20 kg.